By: Pastor Myke

Christmas is a season of exchange. Family members and friends exchange gifts, and sometimes exchange them again at the store of purchase for something different, that meets their needs or interests better. Money is exchanged for services or products. Opportunities can be exchanged for memories, but sometimes also for waste.
But deeper and more profound exchanges can happen at Christmas time also. Profound family traditions can be exchanged from one generation to the next. Mysteries and their explanations can be shared from the wise to the naive. We always hope our exchanges are at least at equal value, but sometimes we give up the valuable in exchange for the worthless, and sometimes we gain something great at minimal cost.
Philippians 2 explains that on Christmas morning, Jesus exchanged His divine attributes and essential identity for the human limitations that He Himself had created. Seems like that might not have been a smart exchange, but it was! His exchange makes it possible for anyone, at any level of the human limitation, to have full access to God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. What a gift!
This year, exchange your time, money, presence, and life for what is important and true, in your life and the lives of your family members and friends. Slow down a bit, pick the best options, and love those who are closest to you a little bit extra.