Dr. Michael B. Merrill is our Senior Pastor. Myke has developed many resources from the basis of local church ministry. Materials such as The Children’ Bulletins, The Covenant Series of booklets, a Biblical Spiritual Gifts Inventory, books such as The Simple Strategy of Jesus Christ (a Study in Luke), and over 150 short skits are available on his website. Also available is a seminar titled “Why Do People ACT that Way?” based on his doctoral dissertation titled “Five Basic Emotions: A New Systems Approach.” See for more information on these print resources, as well as on-line and on-site training seminars


Leadership Team

  • Ed Allen (president)
  • Erin Dibble (vice president)
  • Paula Merrill (secretary)
  • Laurie Symonds (treasurer)
  • Lonnie Rood (assistant treasurer)
  • Leah Curran (director of Parma Kids Preschool)
  • Clint Goodman (trustee)
  • Mike Robinson (trustee)
  • Ed Allen (trustee)
  • Wayne Monagan (Trustee)
  • Lonnie Rood (trustee)

Ministry Leaders

  • Pam Merrill (Children’s Ministries)
  • Joshua & Paula Merrill (TurningPoint Youth Ministries)
  • Joshua Merrill (Softball)

Worship Team

Our Worship Team combines scripture, music, and testimony to bring glory to God.

Our worship team consists of:

  • Erin Dibble (vocals, guitar)
  • John McLeod (drums)
  • Josh Merrill (vocals, piano, percussion)
  • Keith Whitcomb (drums)
  • Myke Merrill (guitar)
  • Terrance Trybus (drums)