For many people, November means it’s a time to spend each day thinking about what they are thankful for. Sometimes people post on social media something they are thankful for each day until Thanksgiving, maybe until the end of the month. I know I usually try to do this. I’ll post about something I’m thankful for everyday, but by the time Thanksgiving is here, I’m lucky if I remember to post for that day. And once Thanksgiving is over, I know I forget to post until the end of the month, because who has time to think about and post something everyday?

But what if we changed the posture of our heart? There’s nothing wrong with posting what you’re thankful for in the month of November, but what if we made a heart change and kept the habit going all year long? Start keeping a journal about everything you’re thankful for. Post on social media. Start a blog. Tell someone. Anything! Don’t want to do it everyday? Instead of a #TBT, start a #ThankfulThursday and post weekly. The Lord loves a grateful heart. With seeing the little and everyday things that make us thankful, hopefully we will start to see the good in everything (or most things). Making a positive change in the world begins with us.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1