Fellowship Membership is open to any person who has made a personal decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, with the outward evidences of baptism and testimony, and who wants to be included in the identity of Parma Christian Fellowship Church. For children and youth under the age of 16, a parent, guardian, or other adult very familiar with the person must provide supportive testimony as to the personal faith and spiritual awareness of the candidate. Any person who is a member of another church or community of faith may request a letter of transfer from that organization to Parma Christian Fellowship Church, and join as a Fellowship Member. The requirements for Fellowship Membership are as follows:

  • Submission of a completed Fellowship Membership Commitment to the President of the Church, which will be reviewed by the Leadership Team in consultation with the pastor, and submitted for approval to the Church
  • A personal spoken or written testimony to a duly called meeting of the current Church Members of Parma Christian Fellowship Church
  • A minimum 3/4 vote of approval by those Church Members present  public affirmation of the Fellowship Membership Commitment.
  • Public affirmation of the fellowship commitment.

To apply for Fellowship Membership, please complete the form below.