For thirteen years Parma Christian Fellowship Church and Parma Free Center Nursery School have existed in different locations.  We started while both being on the St. Leo’s property, with the church in the front old building and the school being back in the “new” church.  We searched everywhere often thinking we had found the right place to purchase as out permanent home.  For one reason or another God closed doors on each place we looked at.  When the Catholic Church told us they would be re occupying their old building we were left to figure out the pieces.

A perfect piece of land was available at 590 North Ave.  We purchased that property with the plan to build our facility there.  We went to many banks and searched for funding but the financial institutions would never actually give us a loan.

Then comes the major change.  A member at PCFC saw that the property at 39 Hovey Sq. (currently Fitness Warehouse) was available for purchase and we began looking into that as an alternative to building right now.  After much investigation and negotiations we have agreed upon a price and are in the final stages of purchasing our new home.

The Hovey Sq building will provide almost the exact square footage as the building we were planning to build at approximately 1/4 the cost!  This represents for the first time ever Parma Christian Fellowship Church and Parma Free Center being under the same roof in our own building.  All of this being possible while having our church be directly in the center of town. It will take some time to renovate the interior but our intention is to occupy immediately following closing. 

We intend to keep the property at 590 North Ave for future development potentially as green space for the church or whatever is decided moving forward.

God has been at work in this church for many years now and we thank Him for giving us this opportunity to get our own home.  We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us.

Stay tuned for new details as this is a very exciting time in the history of Parma Christian Fellowship Church.

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39 Hovey Sq Renderings